Digital Signs for the I-10 Connect Project

New high-tech, digital signs which will be installed as part of the I-10 Connect project.

The Lane Management System signs positioned directly above the travel lanes on eastbound I-10 near Cotton Street will help guide travelers by providing early identification of lanes to allow extra time to merge. One set of LMS signs went up recently on southbound US 54 near Pershing Drive. Another will be installed on southbound US 54 near Trowbridge Drive.

TxDOT’s TransVista Center will use these lane signs to display a variety of symbols in full-color messages to help communicate traffic information, such as a red “X” to indicate a lane closure, an arrow to remind travelers to merge, or the highway route sign for an upcoming exit.

The LMS signs may also be used for incident management and certain kinds of traffic, for example, large freight versus passenger vehicle traffic. When freight traffic is particularly high, TransVista can update the lanes to add more freight lanes; when the roadway clears, the lanes can be converted back to other uses.